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Where babies & toddlers learn to learn

We have two rooms for our younger children (under 3) and they are both specifically designed to meet the requirements of their particular age group and the associated stages of development. There is a designated area for nappy changing and each child have their own named sheets. For the older children being potty trained this takes place in the privacy of their washroom. Our rooms are well stocked with specific resources to meet the growing learning needs of babies and toddlers.

We pay close attention to each child’s phase of development and ensure facilities are age appropriate for learning. Children are encouraged to develop their social skills through interacting with their peers and staff.

Children will only move to the next room when both their parents and the nursery team feel that the child is ready to make that transition. Settling in visits will be encouraged to enable the child to adapt to their new surroundings whilst still being able to return to their familiar room and key person during the change.

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