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A safe & stimulating environment

Early years education plays a valuable role in helping children develop and learn new physical, mental and emotional skills. It helps children to be prepared to listen, to follow instructions, to get along in a group and importantly to manage conflict in a positive manner.

Our Primrose Room- ‘Set for School’ programme ensure that children take part in a wide range of different activities including structured and free play, physical exercise, basic reading, writing and using computers, preparing and cooking food.

As children join in a wide variety of activities these have both a practical and positive effect in helping children prepare for the structured learning environment of school. It also prepares them to take direction from adults outside of the circle of family and friends. Mixing with other children helps to develop essential social skills especially when playing and sharing with others, and making friends.

Primrose Room– ‘Set for School’ are required to wear a uniform to get accustomed to the experience before starting school. They will also become used to carrying their reading books home; reading their favourite book at home, gently prepares them for homework. Parents also benefit from the assistance of preschool teams in supporting them in their child’s transition to school.

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