Children Learn at their own pace

At Park Royal Montessori Nursery , we understand that children are not all the same. Each child has strengths in different areas, and learns at their own unique pace. In the classroom, not all 3 year olds are working on the same lesson, however they are enabled to work towards a targeted learning. This is different from traditional schools that assume children of the same age are at the same learning level. In Montessori, each lesson builds on the previous lesson. For instance, a child cannot start to read until he/she has mastered the sounds each letter makes. This may [...]

October 18th, 2021|General News|

Graduation Day at Park Royal Montessori Nursery. 'Oh the places they'll go!

August 8th, 2021|General News|

Give Them The Best Start

Do you worry about your little one going to school for the first time? Do you wonder whether they will cope with the new environment? Are you concerned that they will be away from you for an extended time? Well, one way to ensure that school will be awesome, is to get them comfortable with being apart from you.   At nursery, your little one will develop confidence, independence and social skills, which will prepare them for the next step in their journey.   Check availability by calling us now on 0208 965 3993  

April 24th, 2021|General News|

Park Royal Montessori Celebrates Science Week 2021

Children just love finding out, whether it is the one-year-old who loves to drop keys, remote control, and anything else in the bin, or toilet. Or those slightly older who find it fascinating pouring their unfinished juice into any receptible they can find could be the fruit bowl, their unfinished lunch, or your shoes. They also love pressing buttons to see what happens; it may be the washing machine, switched off without your knowledge, though fully loaded. Then there is the inquisitive never-ending, why? To every question you answered, you can expect another why? Children are born to explore and [...]

March 13th, 2021|General News|

There are benefits to taking your child to nursery even during lockdown!

For early years children, every experience or encounter presents a learning opportunity that is why the first five years of their lives are so important. They learn from everything they see, do, hear, feel, smell, and taste; everyone they interact (talk, play, laugh) with; and everywhere they go. It is widely suggested that good quality childcare offers a range of benefits to children, as well as support to their families. Education specialists state that early years children, learn best when they interact with their peers and are recipients of a coordinated home to nursery partnership. In addition, in an environment [...]

February 11th, 2021|General News|

Children’s Mental Health Week….Pause for thought!

Pause for thought! We are constantly reminded that we are living in unprecedented times. There is a lot of worry, anxiety and fear in families and communities right now. Normal life is not what we have known it to be. It has changed drastically. So understanding the needs of your child is even more important. They too, are experiencing the changes which lockdown brings. Some children have enjoyed staying at home with family while others have found it difficult to have their normal routine abruptly change; to not see friends or play outdoors freely is confusing to say the least. [...]

February 1st, 2021|General News|

Returning to Nursery in September 2020

    NURSERY CLEANING AND FURTHER PRECAUTIONS We reopen our doors on 1st September and look forward to receiving you and want to tell you a little more about what we are doing to keep our families and staff safe. We know this is an anxious time for everyone but our new operating procedures, which have been based on Government Guidance, and our own additional measures, have been implemented to ensure we are able to still provide the highest level of care, education and emotional support to our children, whilst minimising the risk of infection for everyone. Safety remains our priority and we [...]

September 1st, 2020|General News|

Autumn Uniform

Uniforms for each age group for Autumn are as follows: Poppies Room           – Own clothes Primrose Room.        -  White polo shirt with logo, burgundy jogging suit Sunflower Room.      – Grey trousers, grey skirt/pinafore, white polo shirt with logo, burgundy cardigan/sweat shirt with logo. Items with logo on can be purchased from the nursery.  

August 20th, 2020|General News|

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